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vehicle Wörterbuch: vehicle: Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzung.
vehicle fig medium, means. Instrument n fig Mittel, Medium vehicle means of transmission. Träger m Transportmittel transp. vehicle fig way means of expressing sth. or of making sth. Vehikel n fig Mittel um etwas deutlich, wirksam oder möglich zu machen vehicle fig catch.
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Total technical harmonization already has been achieved in three vehicle categories passenger cars, motorcycles, and tractors and soon will extend to other vehicle categories coaches and utility vehicles It is essential that European car manufacturers be ensured access to as large a market as possible.
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Recent Examples on the Web The camera is misaligned to the vehicle, resulting in the camera not functioning as intended. - Detroit Free Press, 27 May 2022 This table attaches to any vehicle via a steel frame that slides over your tire.
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The tollways are used daily by 1.3 million vehicles. a commercial/domestic/recreational vehicle Domestic vehicle sales will remain strong for a while. something that can be used as a way of achieving, producing, or expressing something.: a vehicle for sth Strong leadership was seen as the major vehicle for bringing about successful change.

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